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Bristol Valley Theater has chosen to rebrand for 2023. For several decades the logo of the theater was a silhouette of the building itself.     


For the new logo, we wanted something that represented the art form of theatre but also spoke to the valley of Naples and its surrounding regions, as we are the only professional theater in Ontario County.


While doing research for inspiration, we came across the Greek God, Dionysus, who all theatre kids learn about in high school. But it was news to learn that he is also the God of the grape harvest - the perfect ambassador for New York state's wine country. And to bring this icon to life, we hired an artist who knows how to compose timeless images, as he puts them on people's bodies for a living - our neighbor, and the owner of 1808 Tattoo, Evan Schapp.

Evan collaborated with our Executive Artistic Director, Richard Amelius to create a portrait of Dionysus set in a circle comprised of laurel on the bottom and the company name in a classic text on top. He wears grapes and leaves in his hair, and his toga contains the Roman numeral for 1964, the year Bristol Valley Theater was founded, and the colors were limited to purple, green, and gold - the color of grapes. We can't wait to see our new logo everywhere. And if you're ready to make him a part of your life forever, you can go see our pals at    

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